Well, this is all very interesting reading, and it sounds like KTM is the only co. who has a bike comparable with the BRP, or sort of comparable at least.

But in any case, my BRP weighs ENOUGH as it is, and if the KTM weighs even more than that, AND has a seat height almost 2" higher, and costs more, and who knows how reliable it is, then I think I'll just stick with the BRP. It's fast enough for me, and if it isn't, then I just hop on my KX500 for some thrills.

And to the guy who has, or will, dual sport a KX500? Dude! I don't even want to think of how you're going to hang onto that thing with full traction on pavement :thumbsup: That's gotta be insane man! Sounds great I might try that :devil:


'00XR650R uncorked/jetted/other stuff

'04KX500 jetted/fmf gnarly/stupid fast, but fun


On Big 4 Strokes,

On Big 2 Strokes,

Ain't We Got Fun?

As for that turd's web site I say we somehow get 2BB to glom on to that site and really fix his wagon!~ Hee Hee! :thumbsup:

Mike, the comparison between Henge and the french dude doesn't really play a part in the "challenge". Those bikes that those guys ride are not even close to being stock,Plus Baja is Henge's backyard.. Dakar wouldn't be fair either, One guy's a desert racer and the other is known for his Dakar expierience.

Man, I looked at the bike comparison. The KTM has almost a third less horsepower and his heavier. I'm pretty sure KTM came out with that model as a low cost alternative to their rfs line, it uses their old LC4 motor with some modern ergos and plastic, not really built to be the most competitive bike. The XR650 is built for Baja, hard to beat when you want to ride fast for a long time..

only my opinion...


How much are you paying for a 650R. KTM 625 SXC is $5900.00 and the HorsePower on the bike is 49hp (USA model) there is a difference. The Eropean model has 29HP because of some kind of law or something. As far a being heavier?? When I rode that guys 650 I didnt notice a huge diff. Just body position is different because of the weight.

You can find 02 and 03 650rs in the dealers for 4399. Some places try and gouge it for list of 6k

Hey dan!

I wrote a really long post saying almost exactly what you did...then my wifes hairdryer blew the circuit-so it was lost. Good thing too as i wrote a very explicit opinion of what would happen if Red found itself 20 minutes behind Orange...Honda could "win" Baja on a XR80 stuck in first gear!

For sure too Heng is gonna be faster in the woops than Frenchy...but remember--that LC4 engine is a 700cc race bike with a fully built motor and superb suspension (Paul Krause says its faster than any 650R and has the smoothest suspension he's ever used). The KTM LC4 700 has numerous Dakar rallies under its belt--so they know how to pump it up and make it last. It's really not a bike one can buy at the dealer. But under the skin neither is the 650R...This year the 1000 is a very Dakar like course--5th gear and a 60mph+ average speed for the winner--a slightly modified 650R just isnt going to cut it on the 400 mile drag race from Trinidad to Purisima--and Honda's record of racing the BRP fully modified isnt to good--remember Parker 18 months ago when you (as always - in front of me) and I raced past a Team Honda bike sitting on the side of the course with a blown motor!

Remember too past 1000 winners like Scott Harden and Tim Morton are part of the KTM effort. They know Baja just as well as Heng and his co-workers!!

past 1000 winners like Scott Harden and Tim Morton are part of the KTM effort

They have an unfair advantage, Tim knows every single rock in Mexico. :devil:

Mike, good to talk to you.... I'm thinking about doing the 1000 next year. My buddy and I want to do it just the two of us, he's a guy that only rides KTM but for Baja he told me we should be on an XR, and I agree.. I just trust the XR a little more. If I were to ride a KTM it would be a 525 no doubt.. I'm just not that strong to whip a 300 plus pound bike..

When you see Irondude, tell him hi for me.. :thumbsup:



Wanna go down and help pit/chase the 1000 this year? Bring your buddy-all expenses paid. You can drive one of the chase trucks and get an inside look at the 1000. I will pay you...!

Another option would be to man a pit. Camp out, watch the race go by, take care of a few race teams for about 1-4 minutes each...bon fire, some beers, tacos...its a good time. Think about it!

Race Baja on a KTM! Next year the 525 will be the bike to be on. Shorter course-more technical. To bad KTM doesnt offer KTM pits the way Honda offers Honda pits....maybe that will change some day? Thats the main reason Baja is Honda--the support. Same like Dakar--its Orange becouse of the support. :thumbsup:

I know this is an old old post but the old BRP rest her soul at the end of her life was NEVER BESTED by the KTM's,they threw 3 or 4 different models at her and got stomped.The X though may not be so lucky.

The king is dead long live the king.

2 Grand to uncork?:confused: That guy is obviously new..or stupid.....Try to have fun w/ that KTM :confused: , you'll spend more than that 2K keeping that POS running.....in the first 6 months if you actually know how to ride it................

Now the 690 has come along to try to knock the 650 over and time has moved on and the X is the target.

Maybe we'll get a new big bore fron Honda soon.

I had fun re-reading this thread and the flame war on KTM winning the Baja over the XR650R:busted:

Didn't happen then; won't happen now:p Even with their newest pupkin.

Well it was nice to see the out-dated, big red pig is still being chased by KTM and chased and chased.......if it ever does happen Honda will finaly make a better out dated bike.

I thought you boys would love rereading this thread now that the 690 has come a huntin'.

Noob here. I've been riding for along time now and I've always been one to read alot of these forums and chime in every now and then but I guess Im going to jump in head first on this one. First let me say I own an old KTM 620SX which is a great bike. It is fast through the bottom/mid torque but lacks on the top end in my opinion. I have ridden a few 640's and they did not seem any faster than my KTM beater. I just purchased an 02 XR650R from California and Im waiting for it to be delivered in about 11 days. I have an BMW Dakar which Im selling this week because I wanted something I could commute daily on (And thats what the Dakar is made for, light dirt/lots of payment) and still ride out in the desert which the Beemer does not do very well at all so I decided on the Honda. The only Xr650R (stock/uncorked) I have ridden prior had way more power than any KTM LC4 I had ever been on and a lot smoother engine as well and thats what sold me on the BRP. Now for the guy flaming the Honda's on here he needs to remember Im a KTM guy as well and have nothing against the Orange bikes.

But the lc4 while vibrate your teeth out at 5000 rpms or higher and does not like to run at 70mph or above for any period of time on the hwy unless its geared super high. Im also from Las Vegas and being a noob I just wanted to say that not all of us living here in the "armpit of the world" are ones to come into a place where its good fun and start alot of crap. Specially when the facts he is stating are very cloudy in my opinion??. Im proud to be a new owner of a BRP and look forward to beating the living hell out of the bike every chance I get. So as Forest Gump would say..."Thats all I got ta say bout that"!

Hehe, funny thread!

My pig runs equal to several 625 and 660. I will soon try to "race" with a 690 with akrapovic. Let's see how that goes, hehe :crazy:

However, I think my bike has a high-comp piston. The rest is out of the box. Ofcourse it is uncorked.

i know this is an old post, but i would like to know why when i put up a post on the drz forum that only slightly dissed drz's, eddie sisneros erased my post and gave me an infraction, and two points ??? He said i was Trolling - intentionally attempting to stir up trouble, isnt that exactly what the guy who posted this was doing??? after all he did post it in the honda forum, and it did get 114 replies, he seemed to stirr up some trouble.

whats with this,,, is eddie a ktm fan or something

hopefully i dont get another infraction or something for posting this

What is so wrong with a flame war? Are we so screwed up now we have to be PC even in how we think of other bikes? KTM's have feelings too!:ride: It's a hate crime to say anything bad about Suzuki's, they have rights! Sodom and Gamor where distroyed and so were Hodaka's!!!! :banghead:

Ok. well, maybe we need to be sensitive to the other riders that love their bikes, even if it seems a little on the gay side.:busted:

:banghead: I heard this guy sold his 625 and bought a 690KTM,sold it and now has an XR650r.

Lies lies all lies .

:busted: I heard this guy sold his 625 and bought a 690KTM,sold it and now has an XR650r.

Lies lies all lies .

I heard the same story, except the version i heard had him selling the KTM and buying a XR650L :banghead:

...maybe we need to be sensitive to the other riders that love their bikes...



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