I think the two teams (Honda and KTM) should have a dual and both race the Dakar together and both race the Baja together...see what happens?

Just wait until the maintenance bills roll in for the KTM. I hope you can do the work yourself!

I ride eastern woods, and have NEVER had the opportunity to really let a 650R rip wide open, all gears. Can't happen. That being said, the 650R is just INSANE on the power delivery, in any gear, in any situation. There is always more than you can use. The skill comes in mastering the power to skoot you fast in the situation you are in. Power is good, but I have an XR400R that is better that the 650R in nearly all situations that I ride in. It's just more manageable and predictable. That's not to say that I don't have the skill, its just that a lighter bike with the right gearing will out-perform a heavier, more cumbersome bike, given the same skill level of rider. It's not about HP once you get to a certain HP/weight ratio and even on handling. I'll blow myself away on a loop on the XR400 vs the XR650. The Six5OH! has its sex appeal in just being fast going straight and lifting the wheel going a bazillion miles and hour without effort.

truly a good thread...I haven't laughed like that for a couple days.....:thumbsup:

hey slackjaw, specs and stories aside - riddle me this batboy - longest -fastest wheelie? longest - deepest river crossing - highest & longest jump?

after pouring over your verbal harrassment of about an hour now, i still haven't really heard much on the "skill" level...?

Chopjaw hasn't posted on this site since 2006 and his statements had little value anyway.

Can we all let this thread die? Please?

450's put out 60 hp for super cross and they have some restrictions. the TT DRZ450 put out 58hp.

honda lies, advertise 60hp with THERE HRC HOP UP at the crank

the real numbers are around 37hp stock, 42 uncorked, and 50 with the HRC kit,

barnumspro XR680R baja bike puts out 56hp with top end cams, custom exhaust.

so a site saying a stock 650r with 61hp is a bogus sight, especially saying a 625 has 24hp, its as powerful as a KLX300R.

I read this and laughed at how people will quote these sites. torque is made by burning fuel and how efficiently you burn it, then hp is engine torque, times the rpm, divided by 5252.

if a BRP was so dominant, how come it has never, NEVER won a Dakar rally.

I saw that picture of campbell and laughed, what a dominant racer, but mouse mccoy imo is better, johnny campbell wouldn't have kept up with mouse if they were both going for the trophy by them selves.

so I doubt anyone who posted there bikes are too fast, and no one can touch them with it being uncorked, when such highly modded 650Rs don't even touch 60hp and ron hamp gets 70hp out of a 450 race bike.

basically, the new BIG PIGGY, imho is a BMW HP2, 400lbs, 105hp, corners better than most 450's with its paralever rear suspension.

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