16-50 gearing on 426

has anyone tried 16/50 gearing on their 400 426 or 450 if so what do you think of it :thumbsup:

i'm thinkin it would go mighty fast :thumbsup:

i think you'd be doing well to fit a 16t up front. :devil: I dont think the ol' Wr would be too stable at those speeds either :thumbsup:

I gotta back hamish on this one,i don`t think a 16 will fit on the front,i`m runnin a 15/51 for the fields rite now,and to go much higher would kill the motor!,15/50 would be about as much as i would try off road,anymore would kill throttle response to the point of zero!

I meant physically. The sprocket guard would probably have to be modified, as would the chain slider.

Yeah i had to mod my case saver and trim the slider just to fit a 15!,i think a 16 would have you eating clutch plates!,so i doubt it would be worth the work to make a new guard and case saver and it would leave the slider at the front of the swingarm very thin or non exsitant!

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