Hot starting problem '99 WR400

Here's the deal...I can start this thing 1st or 2nd kick when it's cold. I ride it for a bit, shut it down and I can't restart it till about 10 minutes later.

I've tried to use the same "cold start drill" (minus the choke plus the hot start lever), No luck. I've also tried it without the hot start lever, no luck.

No matter what I try, it won't start till it cools down just a bit.


I know this is a tired topic, but I have searched...No answers to this particular question.

Can anyone help me??

Thanks in Advance!!

Make sure you take out the hot start on the carb and clean it. I had the same problem until I started cleaning out the hot start. It will get gummed up and won't let the carb lean out and restart.

When is the last time that you checked your valve clerances. When the valves get tight it gets hard to start. Worth checking.

I have found that when I have a hot start problem it helps to pull in the decompression lever, kick 5-6 times and then start with NO gas, no choke & no hot start.

This is usually just after a unplanned get off!! :thumbsup:

Good advice!! Thanks, gentlemen!!

I'll let you know :thumbsup:

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