I mastered the art of putting on tires!!!!

Yes I put on two tires w/out scratching or putting extra effort into it. I dontmindchanging tires anymore. :thumbsup:

Both tires installed in 20min and thats takingtimeto cleanthe inside and everything. :devil:

Let me guess...you took it to the guys at the local shop with the tire changing machine?? 20 mins on two tires without scratching anything is hard to believe! :thumbsup: But if you can do it, share your secret.

Sweet I will bo over in the morning with a nice stiff set of Maxxis IT for ya to spoon on for me :thumbsup:

Let me share some tips...

1. When putting the tube in I fold it into the tire making surethere is clearence sowhen I insert the tire irons I dont come close to the tube risking pinching.

2. Once the tube is in and you run your fingers along the inside of the rim making sure the tube is away from the sides yo can start to put on the tire.

3.I start w/the tirebetweenthe rim lock and the valve stem.

4.Once I get the bead started in the rim I use my knee to put pressure on it so it wont come out.

5. Thats the easy part now I work it un till I am across form where I started. Rememember you want to end at the rim lock.

6. This is where it gets hard. If it seems like the tire is so tight it seems likeit wont fit, stop. Look at the opposite side and push the bead into the center of the tire, this will allow the tire to come up on the other side andyou shouldeasily be able to insert the iron under the rim lock and put onthe tire.

Fill it up to about 40psi and pop the bead and release the psi to desired.

The front tire I am not even going to explain. To easy you can put most of it on w/your hand.

I let the tires sit out in the sun for about 1 hr prior to putting them on.

I dont use these ideas but I have heard of people using them on the tire to help it slideon easier.


-Soapy Water



I use WD40 on the beads to help them slide on easier.

DONT USE STRAIGHT DISH SOAP. It works great and is super slipery but the soap eats the aluminum over time. Not good.

Antifreeze? what a mess that would be... :thumbsup:

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