Aux headlight options

I have been searching for additional lighting for my WR with little success. Changing to a higher wattage bulb helps, but I would like more light for night woods riding without going "full baja" (HID). I was looking at the Acerbis 3 light setup, but are 3 20watt bulbs brighter than one 60watt? What about LEDs? I would like something that can be run on 12 volts. There must be something out there.

I have a piaa 80/80 super wight bulb and it is extreamly bright and I made a high and low toggle switch for it on high both fillements are on you should be impressed with on I got mine from baja designs :thumbsup:

Do you have a WR450 or 426/400?

My 03 450 can only handle about 60 watts of headlight. Would like to try an HID, but they are expensive. Maybe the 426/400's can handle more than 60 watts..

Went on a dual sport night ride last week. Some guys had some real trick dual LED lights on the sides of thier helmets. Strange looking. Like a scene from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".


I have a 426 and it does great pushing 80 and 160 but 160 gets hot quick :thumbsup:

I have an '03 450. I am running an 80/100 bulb now. Who made the LED helmet lights?

I have an '03 450. I am running an 80/100 bulb now. Who made the LED helmet lights?

Wow. :thumbsup: I tried a 55w and 35w (90 total) which dimmed both. That was on the AC 12 volt circuit which was meant for the stock WR450 lighting. Maybe you are running on the DC 12 volt circuit. Be carefull if you are. I ran all my lights on the DC circuit and it worked well until a long night ride. After about 2 hours, the battery was drained, and the bike barely ran.

I think my AC and DC systems are working properly. Maybe not.....

Here is a link for one of the light companies.

Yup, the Baja Designs kit changes the lights from the AC to DC circuits. I noticed the battery drain on a long night ride. That's part of the reason I was looking for lower draw LED solution. Probably go back to a 55/60 if I can find something.

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