Single track ride with Evans NPG+

Howdy! I was having boiling problems on low speed single track. After reading all of the posts on the subject I switched to Evans NPG+. Today we spent 9 hours of deep sand single track, climbing from 2000ft. to 6000ft. and not once did my bike act like it was hot. After one long hill i left it idling while we took a water break for about 15 min. It was 102 F. at the time and the engine stayed cool. Well cooler than it did last week with normal Honda coolant. Im sold. The stuff works as advertised.

P.S. Pay close attention to the o-ring on the oil pump/filter cover. when I changed the filter and oil I left a little tiny small speck of sand on the o-ring. Drove me nuts trying to figure out why the cover was leaking.

That's Kool and I've had the same experiences with Evans NPG+. Unless you take your motor apart, you can leave it in for years & years without any maintenance unlike a water based coolant product, but I'd still inspect the inside of the radiators just to be sure. Some of my cars have had this stuff (the NPG version) in it for a number of years now and the cooling system internals still look spotless unlike the cars I have with water based coolants. I wouldn't say it's the best product for everyone or every application, but it sure works well in our XR650R :thumbsup:

Evans NPG+.

Where can I find this stuff? Any auto parts store or the bike shop?

I've had my bike spit coolent into the plastic reservoir before. Is that considered overheating? Isn't that what it's there for? Doesn't it suck it back up into the system when it needs it?

The overflow tank will dump coolant if the bike gets hot enough, so the level can drop.

The only thing that has me holding off on putting Evans in is that if you have a failure of a hose or a leak, you can not top off the coolant with water. But the other side of the argument is that Evans is a zero pressure coolant and will put less stress on the hoses. Also it provides no freeze protection, not a problem for me but some may need the freeze protection. I am really wanting to put this stuff in it will solve my single track overheating. There are compromises with most products.

Here is a link to someone who sells it:

Since you're in SoCal, Mooneyes might be close to you and they stock NPG+ by the pallot. It's $22.50/gallon there and one gallon is more than enough to do a XR650R. One gallon is enough to do two XR650R's if all the old coolant/water is removed.


10820 S. Norwalk Blvd

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670



If you do get a leak, you can add water, but then you loose the benefits of the Evans NPG+ (higher boiling point, lifetime properties, etc). You'll then have to drain your cooling system to remove all the coolant/water again and refill with Evans NPG+ if you want the Evans again. You can also run your cooling system with no pressure with Evans, so if you do get a punctured radiatior, it will only dribble out at a very slow rate (depening on the size of the hole of course) as opposed to spraying out under pressure.

One word of caution. Be sure to clean any spilled Evans off of the exhaust. I missed a spot about the size of a quarter and as the pipe heated up the coolant cooked into a gooey mess. Made the bike smell like it was over heating. once i found the spot and cleaned it off, the smell went away.

Also it provides no freeze protection, not a problem for me but some may need the freeze protection.

Evan's NPG freezes at -70deg F. It will not freeze solid, it crystallizes and becomes a slurry at this temp.

Zip-Ty Racing is now selling Evans NPG+ in it's own packaging of XF+ waterless race coolant. I called Zip-Ty and asked if this was Evans NPG+ and they said yes it was.


Jeff, that's really interesting that they'd be selling it. I just found it on their site after you pointed it out.

XF+ 1/2 gallon bottle (64 fluid ounces) - Zip-Ty Racing Products introduces a new generation coolant… XF+ - the first of its kind – Waterless Race Coolant. It is race proven and guaranteed to stop overheating and boilover in your racing 4-stroke. And, since it is waterless, it out performs traditional coolants: besides superior boilover protection; it ...operates at safer pressures; ...prevents oxidation of jacket metal, electrolysis, and resulting contamination and fluid destruction; ...prevents cavitation – vapor hot spots that create non-uniform metal expansion rates - causing seizures; ...and has reduced oral toxicity for your family’s safety. Available in 1/2 gallon jugs through ZTR and its dealers.


XF+ will keep your 4-stroke from boiling over... or your money back!

Hmm let me see $ 23.00 per 1/2 gal. at Zipty. Or $ 22.50 per whole gal. at Mooneyes.

That's why I've always bought at Mooneyes :thumbsup:

I just bought a gallon at Moonies. One gallon will do a flush and a refill.

You can use the coolant to flush the system. But MoonEyes carrys the Evans Prep fluid it is made for flushing the system and is much cheaper.

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