How to install Carbon Fiber Frame Guards?

I just got a set of carbon fiber frame guards for my 04 YZ 450 of Ebay. How do I mount them to the frame? I thought I would just take the bolts out for the subframe and put the bolt through the hole however that does not work because the bolt is not long enough at the guard would have to bend. Any help? I am thinking double sided tape...but they will probably fall off.

Are there slots for zip-ties?

Mine came with a bolt for the top hole two bolts and spacers for the middle and two fram clamps for the rear.

You should have recieved longer bolts to replace the stock shorter ones, Idon't know what MFG you got but Light Speed sent ours.

Good Luck

Sounds like you bought the ones from extreme_super_store off of eBay. I bought a set for my CRF 250 and had the same problem with the left guard(the surface where the bolt head seats against the guard wasn't squared either). I used STRONG double sided tape. You may be able to get a longer bolt and use a spacer between the guard & subframe? I rode mine for bout 5 hours this past weekend and the tape held up fine, but it has more surface area to stick to than a YZF.

Yeah that is what I did, that is where I bought them on Ebay. I would not have bought them if I knew I needed hardware that I can't get a picture of. I will dink around with it tomorrow night to see if I cant figure it out.

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