Flakey xr600

I have a problem with my 92 xr600. I just got the bike back together this week and went out tonight to buzz around on the trails. It ran ok for about half an hour, but then it got a little funny. It'd run fine wide open but when I'd slow down to turn the engine would be racing (high rpms, like it was running lean). Other times when I was on the road moving to a new trail the bike would stall when I slowed down for stop signs, I'd pull in the clutch and let off the throttle and it'd stall (actually, it's always done this but tonight it wouldn't bump start again before I stopped).

When I got tired of riding and came home I left it running in the driveway. It seemed to be running fine but the it just shut off, no sputter, no cough, just shut down. I started it and it wanted to run fast again, then shut off. Started again, wanted to run a little slow. Poof it shuts off again. I left it about 5 or 10 minutes started again but it didn't stall this time.

Any ideas why this might be happening? gummed up carb? frigged up electrical?

I've had to take the bike apart twice in the last month to get the frame welded. So everything has been sitting around the garage for a while. The carb was wrapped in a clean rag though.

this is very frustrating trying to get this flakey bike running properly. It worked fine a month ago, actually it was running great.

please help.

It sounds like your float valve is sticking our your float adjustment is off.

I would first try unplugging the kill button - if it's intermittently shorting, unplugging it will solve the problem. I doubt it's that, but I always like to try the easy stuff first.

To me the symptom sounds more carburation related. When you reinstalled the carb did you seat it properly on both ends and tighten the clamps enough? What condition is the o-ring that seals the intake manifold to the head?

Did you unplug the CDI when you welded the frame? If not, you could have damaged it. I've never come across a semi-failed CDI though. Usually a bike with a bad CDI will not run at all.

Did you leave a rag in the airbox? It sounds stupid, but when you're eager to ride and hurrying to get your bike back together it could happen.

If you have any friends with '91 or newer 600's, you could try swapping the carb and/or CDI from their bike onto yours to see which (if either) eliminates the symptom.

Now who in their right mind would leave a rag in the air box :devil:

Don't worry they pull out of the carb easily :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I tried cleaning out the carb but never saw any problems with it. It turns out the fuel valve was plugged in the "on" position. Reseve works fine though (for now) and I'll clean the crud out of the valve soon. Something must have dropped in or stirred up from the bottom when I was taking the tank off.


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