adjusting T.P.S. for more power and kick

has any one adjusted their tps on their yz to get more response if so please tell me how you did it :thumbsup:

UNPLUG it!!! :thumbsup:

Pm FFR racing. He has experimented with it quite alot, but have you tried unplugging it? Try it if you havent.

The TPS is just that...a sensor. All it does is send an input to the ignition, just as an engine temp sensor or baro sensor would.

On some model YZs, unplugging it resulted in a better running motor.

Think of it this info(unplugged) is better than wrong info(improperly adjusted).

When the first KX 125s came with a TPS sensor, they didn't even do anything, but it looked trick. I found this out when I did some testing with the Wolf Ignition guys.

Most if not all of the positive feedback on disconnecting the TPS has come from 450 owners. I tried it on my 426 and ended up reconnecting it. No advantage was gained on my bike.

What does the TPS even do?

Throttle Position Sensor...

If your ignition had no TPS, it would operate with what is called a 1-D(dimensional) map. That means the only thing controlling the ignition requirements is RPM. It would use a preset signal at a given RPM.

With the TPS connected and adjusted properly, your ignition has a 2-D map, using rpm and tps inputs to determine a predetermined signal.

The more inputs(sensors)your ignition has available to it, the more accurately it can determine the proper ignition curve to use. This is why fuel injection will be a big boost to these motors when it becomes available. Instead of trying to tune the motor with 4 carb circuits, you will be able to program the EFI to react to almost any given situation much more precisely with fuel and ignition.

The reason I found that disconnecting the TPS a benefit on some of the 450s was I believe there was a "glitch" in the 2-D map and that with the TPS input, it actually lost power in certain areas.

Hope I wasnt to confusing here, as I tried to make it as simple and accurate as I know how.

Sounds good, I will try running my bike w/out it see how it is. I cant wait for efi. :thumbsup:

The TPS can be adjusted for many advantages, it is nothing but a resistor that splits the voltage from 5 volt to 0 volts. As the throttle moves the voltage tells the computer where your throttle is.

It then interpolates the ignition timing from 5 degraee advanced to about 42 degrees advanced.

depending on your engine RPM.

You can retard the ignition quite easily and it runs beutiful with NOS, we finally figured out the perfect circuit for this if anyone is interested.

and the schematic for the best working NOS system we ever ran is here, if you ever need it.

anyway, by tricking the TPS, you can fool the ignition into retard or advance, you could use this advantage to increase torque a bit in the dead zone with a finger button I suppose. We are just happy it is there.

for 10 bucks you can make the perfect timing retard unit instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a system .

A lot of people like disconnecting it because it supposedly softens some of the engines hit. I tried disconnecting the TPS wires and didn't like it. I would rather control the hit myself than not have it available.

You got that right......

Bonzai :thumbsup:

Were do you ride were you need NOS on you bike

Were do you ride were you need NOS on you bike

Glamis---nuf said :thumbsup:

FFR, will this work on the YZ250F too? Where is the TPS also. Thanks

FFR, will this work on the YZ250F too? Where is the TPS also. Thanks

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