Auto Decomp Cam & 01 WR 426 - Is it Worth It?

Just curious:

What benfits come with installing a Auto Decomp Cam? I have heard it makes it easier to start. Is this so? How much easier? Is the cost worth the benifit? How much do these run and what brands are the best?

Thanks for your help - I am new to my WR 426 (coming from a Honda)

Click over to the YZ forum... there is a post pinned to the top with some 33,xxx views... that is the one... :awww:

The benefits are subjective, but the majority of the converts are more than happy... have a look at the poll results as well... your answers will be summarised right there graphically... :thumbsup:



LOOK @ -----

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. V

Definetely worth it!

Awsome torque, kicks over like a 2 stroke


easier to kick over when you are knackered and stranded on a hill the wrong way round!!!

Also bump starts without any effort after brake stalling. Major Bonus.

Worth it. :thumbsup:

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