Hot Start

I own a 2002 YZ426 I have gone thru the carb due to hard starting when the bike is cold. So I disassembled the carb and cleaned it up now the bike starts better but it will not start unless you use the hot start? Once the bike is started it runs great but you can not start it unless you use the hot start! Anybody have any suggestions? :thumbsup:

If it starts with the hot start button then the bike is running too rich.

Go to the jetting forum and you will find info you need.

Either it's too rich, or something is putting gas in the motor before you try to start it. Either your float might be stuck or adjusted incorrectly, or someone is twisting the grip on you (do you twist the grip when you try to start it?).

No That is the one thing I have learned over the years with Thumpers. The carb has been rebuilt and I have Oxygen sensor so the bike seems to be running with the right mixture?

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