kudos to Yamahas valves

decided to let the shop do the work instead of me ... the '03 450's valves were still in spec (been riding it since sep of 2002 .... I'm a decent "junior" class rider ... probably avg riding once a week ... mostly ride tracks ... trail ride when I can). I change the oil pretty regularly and all that sort of thing ... :thumbsup:

I bought my bike new in january and just took it in for a valve adjustment but they all were in spec. I ride about 6 times a month. :thumbsup::devil:

I had to re shim after 10 rides I just checked the gap out of curiousity and they were out of spec probably came that way from the factory they werent really far out but enough I reshimmed.

230 hours stock top end and valves still inspect. I ride 3 days a week.

230 hours stock top end and valves still inspect. I ride 3 days a week.

Daymnnn, 230 hrs on either of your bikes in that short of time is a lot of saddle time. :thumbsup: I'm envious. I ride once weekly at the track averaging 1.5 hrs saddletime per ride and consider myself lucky. Gonzo, you've got the Life 'o Reilly going on. OUTSTANDING, KEEP IT UP IF YOU CAN.

Yea I am fortunate enough to have an undestanding wife and a 6-3 work schedule. I am looking to open a franchise though so I dont know how much more I will be able to keep it up.

I agree, major props to yamaha. My '03 450's valves have not budged at all. In fact I've ridden with a guy that has a '99 400 and has not reshimmed once. I swayed my brother to get a crf250x. He has not put much time on the bike and thankfully has not experienced any problems yet. However, I now pop in on the crf forum and can't believe how much trouble they're experiencing. On top of that some of those Honda guys seem so brainwashed that they're trying to sell the fact that constant valve train adjustment/replacement is regular maintainence for a high performance 4 stroke. Well, having to replace my valves and springs with some aftermarket stuff and resurface the valve seats shortly after dropping $6000 on a new bike is not acceptable. :thumbsup: I just hope my brother's crf does not crap out too soon because I am not going to hear the end of it.

How's the CRF compare to your 05YZ125?

Tell him to get rid of that oil burner before it blows!

Joe :thumbsup:

My YZ125 smokes his CRF but that's not a fair comparison. He has the X and so long as it holds up for him it's a perfect match for what he needs. He is a beginner rider that will casually ride trails. That bike is perfectly suited for that. The motor is extremely mild mannered, it has an e-start and it's green sticked. However, if he has to start replacing the valves and springs that bike is a total joke. You simply don't pay $6000 for a new bike and then resign yourself into accepting that this is part of normal maintenance.

I have re shimmed my all my buddies hondas even had to do a valve job on one I checked my 04 YZ 450 and they were perfect, I am very impressed by that great design.

a word of warning regarding dealer servicing:

a mechanic I know had a female customer who was suspicious that her dealer (not Yamaha) wasnt doing the work that they were charging her for. He put some ultraviolet paint on the tappet cover bolts and seals and then she took the bike in for a major service which included valve adjustments. The tappet cover was never removed. I am a believer of the saying 'if you want something done properly, do it yourself'

Your brothers CRF250F will go out of spec, its just a question of when.....I'd start apologising now and get rid of the piece of [@#$%&*!]...

Just checked my valves on the 04 yz450f. After 50-75 hours they were not only "in spec" but were dead on perfect. I have a buddy who recently bought a crfx and since the first day he rode it he's been complaining that it consumes "a lot" of oil. He took it back to dealer and they said if was normal for the hondas. Thats absoluty unacceptable. Im so sick of honda doing buiness on a reputaion they haven't lived up to since the early 90's after Mr. Honda passed away. I believe the old man was what made Hondas great back in the day. Now they are just like any other compnay cutting corners were they can and dumping tons in money in adversing when it should be placed in R&D. Im also sick of the phrase "it's a honda" and the fact that they think hondas are gold, and just because it says honda on it they can charge you 500-1000 dollars more than the comprable yami, suzi, or kawi. I used to be a loyal red rider up until recently when I went blue and haven't looked back since. Sorry for the ranting, it's just my opinion.

I've been riding my '03 YZF450 for about 8 months now and I've been putting off the valve-checking. I know I need to do it, but after reading this thread, I think I'll be ok. Any signs to indicate your valves coming out of adjustment other than burning oil?

Hard starting (like 30-50 kicks) when the engine is hot is a good indicator as well as low compression. Burning oil is a different problem.

thanks Scott. What is buring oil indicative of?

thanks Scott. What is buring oil indicative of?

Piston/ring to cylinder sealage.

I've got a '00 426, shimmed 2 valves in the life of the bike, they are still within specs with over 400 hrs. I change oil and clean filters regularly and don't ride on the rev limiter. My bike seems to be bullet proof. Mike

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