I am looking to replace my stock hot start actuator with a bar mounted aftermarket one. I have heard the Dr. D one has a tendency to get stuck in the carb and not work. I haven't heard much about the TeryCable one. Are there others? I welcome all opinions positive and negative. Thanks.

the Dr. D is fine but you have to do a little maintanence to it. I also ran a bead of silicone around where the cable goes into the plunger assy to keep water out. Other wise keep the cable lubed and take the plunger out and clean it once in awhile. Last time I had mine out I put a very thin layer of lithium grease on the plunger. I have not had mine stick once.

I have used the Terry Cable , the Motion Pro and the Dr D hotstart buttons and levers. The best one is the Dr. D but as mentioned you must perform preventive maintenance on the cable and the plunger just as you do the throttle cables and clutch cable. I spray a little "Cable Life" lube down the line about every other ride and unscrew the plunger housing, clean the plunger and hit it with a bit of WD-40 as well.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

I have the Terry Cable,it works great and I never have to do anything to it. :thumbsup:

I have and love the Dr D. I do lube it every few months but that is it.

Before you spend the money how often do you actually have to use it? I never have to use mine unless I run U4.

I use the Dr. D on our YZ250F. I have had sticking issues, but none since I adopted the practice of running the engine after washing the bike. As soon as it will run without the choke, we raise the engine speed to around 3-5k and hold the hot start open for 10-20 seconds to clear the passages of any water. Hasn't stuck since we started this.

You must not be crashing enough to never have to use it.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

U4 and I use mine often. DRD has the sweetest set up

You must not be crashing enough to never have to use it.

Bonzai :thumbsup:


You must not be crashing enough to never have to use it.

Bonzai :devil:

I crash plenty just ask my subframe :awww:

But honestly I never have to use it on either the 250 or the 450. I dont think I am rich on my pilot. I run a 42 on both bikes. :thumbsup:

I took my hot start off completely. The plunger has been stuck in carb since I bought the bike in July '03. So, being lazy I just took off the cable and lever. I've had the bike for over a year and it seem to start just fine not using it. Once in a while if I fall, it is a pain in the ass to start. But that doesn't happen all that much.

Dr D...every other oil change or so, pull the plunger out and give it a spritz of WD-40 and youll have zero problems. :thumbsup:

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