Realistic distances on XR650L between oil changes?

Just wanted to get some opinions on acceptable distances between oil changes with 50/50 light fire roads riding on the L. Since I can't afford to have my BRP sitting outside of work all day (with no steering lock and a whole lotta screwdriver-detachable bling), I'm going to either pick up an XR650L or KLR650, whichever one can go longer since my apartment complex frowns on bike matinence. Thanks.

if you ever want to see real dirt get the L. i ride mine for 1k on the street and change the oil. On the dirt it depends hard, hot ride, right after. Just putting down the fire roads 500 or so. Just look at the stick it, will tell you when to change it.

Sorry saw you have the BRP the KLR is muc h better on the street.

I have a 2003 XRL for sale with 1900 miles on it if your interested. :thumbsup:

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