Wiseco vs. OEM piston

My pony is starting to belch smoke, so I've decided to rebuild the top end. I priced both OEM and Wiseco pistons, and, strangely, OEM are much cheaper. Are Wiseco pistons $30 better than stock? What is the advantage of the Wiseco? Thanks,

You might just need some fresh rings...

There are several pistons available for the BRP. I suppose the Ross is the 'best' -- but really it depends on what you want from a piston. The OEM unit is excellent. So is the Weisco. If you want to go into the specifics about what piston would be best for you needs, try calling Rob at Barnumspro.com -- he will give you the run down on skirt sizes, composition, tolerances, finishes, casting, cost, etc. for the different pistons...

BUT if you are a trail rider looking for a cheaper reliable fix to some blow by...consider new rings and a vavle job while you are in there....

You nailed it, I am that trail rider looking for a cheap reliable fix. I guess I'm used to rebuilding small bore bikes, where it's cheap to just replace the whole piston and even cylinder, so I just assumed that I would need to replace my piston. I'm not so poor I couldn't afford to buy an $80 piston and a little machine work; is it worth the expense to replace the piston while I'm in there? How long do pistons last in big singles? Thanks for the input,

I would replace the piston since you will already have the bike apart. like you said you are not to poor to spend 80 bucks and get a little machine work. just think of the piece of mind it will give you. you will never find yourself wondering what if. just my two cents


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