Need Supermotard help

I now have RGV rims setup on my '99 WR400 with a YZF600 front disk (295mm).

My question is what is a good gearing to use for the street, i still want to pull wheelies but also want to be able to cruise at 120kph+ ?

I can't afford to buy heaps of spockets so any help would be great.


Sean in Oz

Hey Sean,

This is Mitch. I have raced SuperMotard in the US for 2 years (called superTT there) and am involved with a chap in setting up the racing here in Oz. Sean, buddy, as long as you dont mind coming second in the championship, I will be more than willing to assist... :)

Drop me a mail and I will forward you my number:

The sessions we have had in Australia to date and I have been quicker than Sean Gyles and Eddie Warren... Should be fun.. Currently have a WR/YZ 400 completely setup and tricked up almost to the max. I will be buying a CR500 this month and setting that up for racing instead.


Hey Mitch, how did Winton go? I'm spewin that I couldn't get the time off. I saw on the 'eatmydirt' web site that there was a super-motard event on at Philip Island when was or is that?

when I bought my used canadian wr400 1999 (road plated)it was supermotard. gearing was 16/45. Only modification was air top cover removed. Top speed was at least 160 km/h. Whellies on second gear was without any body help, just gaz, for a constant slow front wheel lift.

Now the bike is yz timed, had a megamax 2/ 6 disks and quiet core (restricting but really quiet), and the front fmf header. Gearing changed for 15/45. Now, front wheel lifting in second gear is brutal, with of course no help. A little help in third gear and a skilled guy could lift it in fourth. top speed is now close to 155-160 km/h and reaching 150 km/h in no time. The last 5 km/h are more time/wind/jacket dependant.

Hope this help.

Sean, how much work was involved in modifing the RGV rims to suit the wr? Could you possibly retain the wr disc brake setup? And approximately how much can you get RGV rims for? I wouldn't mind having a motard setup but I would still like to go bush on the thing with-out too much messing around, any help appreciated.

Hey Splint,

I got the rims for $110 front, no disks and $180 for the rear complete with disk & sprocket. (i also got both RGV axles for free)

They are early '89 or '90 rims and the back is 18 inches NOT 17 (i found out when i tried to put a 17inch tyre on the bastard!)

The fron wheel goes straight in on the RGV axle but you need to make a sleeve for the RGV axle to make it the same size as the WR's where the forks grab it. I also made up spacers to put the wheel in the centre of the forks.

For the back i had to get the cush drive hub macined back to the bearing (about 5mm) $20, so that it will fit in the swing arm. It is VERY tight i have to remove the steel plates from the inside of the swing arm too.

The sprocket now lines up with the front sprocket and the RGV rear disk lines up to the WR caliper but is 210mm NOT 240mm as the WR one (i am getting a 240mm disk made to fit the RGV hub $60)

As for the Front disk i don't know about the stock WR fitting the RGV hub, but i will have a look tonight.

I hope this helps you, i hope to get some digital photos of it for this site soon.


Hey Splint,

No joy on the front disk fitting the RGV front hub, the WR hub is bigger than the RGV one.

But i'm sure you could make up something to mount it on there.


Sean, I have a friend of a friend who owns a business that makes after-market discs and sprockets, do you think it would be possible to make a wr disc to suit a rgv hub? What are the metal plates that you had to remove from the swing arm? I would like to try and make this work as it would be heaps cheaper than buying custom made rims and spokes etc, I'm definately going to look into it after Christmas.


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