U.S. dessert racers

Before I start I meant desert not dessert, chocolate mud cake is a bugger to clean of your bike.

I've just been given a 1962 copy of Cycle News, in it is an article on a 963 mile trail going from Tijuana to La Paz. Dave Ekins and Bill Robertson set out to beat the record held by a jeep driver who made the trip in just under four days. Dave and Bill rode to La Paz on their pre proddy two cylinder Honda scramblers in 39 hours and 56 minutes. My question to you guys is, is this the beginings of the Baja 1000? or is it a completely differant route? If it is the same route what sort of times are they doing today?

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You've got a real collector's item there, a bit of history. Yes, they started the whole Baja race tradition.

Oh man, desert not dessert. And I can eat a piece of chocolate cake faster than anybody. Damn.

Yep. It's the birth of the 1000. But the route changes every year somewhat due to permission/restrictions, etc. It seems that for a while, it was actually a loop instead of point-to-point if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, many of those pioneers are gone, but guys like Malcolm Smith, Bud Feldkamp (somehow affiliated with Glen Helen Raceway), and Parnelli Jones are still around.

Just as a matter of interest, does any one know what sort of times the bikes are doing now? I would imagine the times to be around the twenty hour mark would that be right?

Don't forget Dick (Bugsy) Mann, one of my hero's. He was riding a qualifier in Colorado and did an endo about the halfway point, got up and finished, only to discover that he had a broken neck.

Don't ever challange Ron, when it comes to eating anything. When he was a little one, I had to feed him a couple of loafs of bread and a gallon of water just before we went out to dinner, just so he would eat normal.

Check out www.score-international.com to check the times from the Baja 2000. This year is a loop race. Every 3 or 4 years the race goes down to La Paz. Its a logistical nightmare and big expense for racers to do the chase/pitting for the races that go all the way down. Thats why SCORE doesnt do it every year. I highly recomend pre running the course on a moto or in a prerunner, its more fun than racing. Its an experience that one never forgets.

Two things about Mexico though: dont get hurt and BE CAREFUL. Remember that you can end up as a hood ornament on some ranchers truck.

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