Tire Pressure

Hi, first post here. Anyways, i have a 2001 XR650r with stock tires. I am looking for the best tire pressure for sand. Most of the trails that i ride are sand.

Thanks for the help

I'm only guessing, but try 12 PSI and work down from there a pound at a time. More importantly, you may want to increase your fork compression (clicker adjustment) to minimize the forks from diving when you let off the throttle, but only if you'll be riding mostly sand. The XR605R can be a lot of fun in the sand if your speed is kept up, but it can also be a real pig in super slow twisty deep sandy trails.

It also depends on the tire you choose. I run the Tera Flex 6~8psi and the IRC MB5 at 8~12psi some tires have softer side walls the others. but, I like lower tire pressure, then most :thumbsup: I haven't gott'n a pinch flat yet using the ultra heavy duty tubes :devil: If your running paddles I run them way up @ 20~30psi

Thanks for the reply. I run stock tires. The bike seems to perform pretty good in the sand, i was just making sure that i had the right pressure.

How do you change the fork compression?? Is there some instruction on how to do it?? I am kinda new to this.


How do you change the fork compression??

The compression clicker adjustment is on the bottom of the forks. Turn clockwise with a flat blade screwdriver for an increase in compression (to make the fork action stiffer) and CCW to decrease it. The rebound clicker adjuster is on top of your forks. Ride the bike as is first. Then try turning the compression clickers in a few clicks at a times on both forks to see if that makes a positive difference.

Just to add to that so you don't have to ask....there is a rubber plug that hides the compression adjuster. :thumbsup:

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