00 426 clutch probs

My clutch is either all or nothing.As soon as it starts to engage it grabs.will not feather.have to pump the handle to get the bike moving.Real jerky.Is this something that can be fixed or do I need new clutch plates?

It's the same as on my bike. I believe this is the way they are. It's called a suicide clutch if I am right.

well that sucks.It would be suicide to give it as much gas as it would take to make it go when you dump the clutch.Double back flip without A ramp.Gonna keep looking for mods.maybe somebody has figured out how to correct this.thanks nos dude.

The new bikes use a rubber dampened clutch. You might be able to retrofit the 450 clutch to your bike.

Sounds like your clutch is fried, order yourself a new 01 clutch pack, then go to your Yammie dealer and order the 01 long and short pushrod and ball bearing, then thank me later! If you search for a post titled "01 clutch fix" by me, it should answer all your questions :thumbsup:

I thought mine was fried too. But I took it apart and meausred all the disc. They were all in spec. I just think it's normal with this bike. They probly fixed it with the newer ones as cowboy said.

I don't have no freakin probs with my 00 426. ,,,,Except for a oil leak,,,,, and a dinted front rim from jumping to high,,, and my back brake squeaks, my piston sleavs are wearing out, etc.

Thanks for the info cowboy.Found your post.I'm gonna order the 01 parts today.I don't think my clutch is fried it's just grabby when starting off.After that it pulls like A mo fo.I will pull the clutch and inspect the plates though to be sure before I place my parts order.I bought my 426 for flattrack racing and the grabby clutch makes starting quite A challenge.I killed it once on the start line last weekend because of the clutch but thanks to the 450 cam mod it did start back up.TT ROCKS :thumbsup: Also gonna order the 01 needle.is there anything else yammyha screwed up on the 00 model?Every time I think i've corrected everything I find out about another mod.So far I have cam mod,GB-BK,blue wire,clutch mod and tank cracks.The 426 is an awesome bike but if I had known we were gonna have to reengineer it I might have bought A 450 instead.But I got A smoking deal on the 426 so it really ain't A problem.Thanks again.

the 03 wr450 use's the same clutch parts

what the heck... I'll toss in my 2 cents... the clutch on my 00 YZ426 seems to function fine... seems like clutch is grabbing and releasing like "normal"... what ever that is?

anyway... I can "feather" the clutch and get the bike to "light up". :thumbsup:

The cam, clutch, and needle should clear up all the 00's quirks. Everything after that is just setting the bike up to your liking.

Get the JD jetting kit! It will really wake it up, custom needles and all.

Do the '01 "clutch mod", replace the cable while you're at it(or atleast clean/re-lube the old one really well), and it will be like a totally different bike. :thumbsup:

Though lubing the cable will help feel, 2000 model clutches suffered from no judder spring, 2001 corrected it. Well known repair for grabby clutch on a 2000 model. Mine worked alright too but not perfect. Now it works great but it is an auto clutch.

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