Aargh!! Countershaft seal

Just had my fork seals replaced went to test it out this afternoon and noticed oil on my chain and a slight drip coming from around the front sprocket (Countershaft? I'm no mechanic) anyway, was planning to head up to the mountains for a few days of riding but now I may have to wait for tuesday for the Yamaha dealership to open (I hate that closed Sun/mon crap :thumbsup: Anyway would it would be a bad Idea to go on my trip anyway and just keep an eye on my oil level?? (Which I checked and looks good) just a slow drip but I'd hate to take a chance. I can wait till tuesday for the shops to open but what are the odds of them geting my bike in, is this a fairly easy replacement (the seal)that I could do myself?? thanks in advance.


been there done that !!!!. mine got damaged by vines or something anyway I would get it fixed ASAP. You are asking for major problems if this seal goes bad and you lose a bit of oil. First of all these bikes do no carry a lot of oil to start with. I replaced my'n myself, be very careful removing the old seal. If you use the sheet metal screw technic do not screw it in to deep because there is a second seal on a bearing just a few millimeters under the outer seal. The other thing is that the counter shaft spacer is hard to remove because there is not much of a spacer to grab onto. Anyway if you are not sure how to do this then do not attempt it have a expereanced person do it for you it should not take that long.

I've repaired a leaking countershaft seal by simply cleaning the lip of the seal with a cotton swab. Sometimes just a piece of sand or dirt sneaks in there. :thumbsup:

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