Dual Sport XR650R

I was hoping I could get a little advice....... I currently ride a 1994 DR350 dirt model converted to dual sport with a Baja Designs kit. I am thinking about converting an XR650R but I'm left with a few questions. The bike will get ridden on pavement maybe 1500 miles a year tops, with the rest off road. The off road riding is mostly sandy whooped out single track, (VERY common in northern Michigan). I have read that the stock transmission on any dirt bike will not withstand extended pavement use without a "Cush drive" rear hub. Is this true and does anyone have any experience with this?

My next question is how will the XR handle the sandy single track? The bike appears pretty heavy on paper, but so is the old DR.

I plan on making this change because the DR lags on the street, so it has seen very little pavement. I sold my CBR600 because it didn't get used much. I am looking to combine my street and dirt riding with this one bike. I chose the XR650R because of the displacement and relative low cost. I figured that a 400/ 450 would lack a bit on the street.

Thanks in advance


It is my understanding the 650L also does not have a cush drive hub and it does fine, everything I have read says it is a non issue. There seem to be a ton of legalized 650rs running around too, ifit was an issue I imagine it would come up.

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