High mileage XRL's ?

Just curious, Honda is synonymous with reliability, how high of a mileage can you expect with the XR650L ? :thumbsup:

Good Question!!!

I had about 1200 on mine before it wqas stolen..and it ran well right up until that day...so I don't think mileage in and around 1200 mils is uncommon. [/sarcasm]

5500 on my '01, I'm not too rough but I'm sure not gentle on it, all's OK.

5500 on my '01, I'm not too rough but I'm sure not gentle on it, all's OK.

Over 25,000 on my '98, and it still runs strong and reliably.

35,000 on my '96 L here in East Africa, and going strong. Replaced the rings this year. These are about as close as you're going to get to "maintenance-free" bikes. Put it this way, you're gonna want a different bike/model before the L is tired.

The 650L engine, with regular oil/filter changes, and keeping the air filter clean, should be capable of at least 30,000-35,000 miles before needing minor top end work such as rings, smoothing the piston up a bit, and a new timing chain & gear. I have heard of them running 50,000 miles and more however, with no problems. These are probably the most reliable, trouble-free engines on a dirt bike ever known. My friend has an '86 XL600 which has 42,000 miles on it with never having a top end job, and it runs and sounds perfect still.

You can expect to replace the clutch plates numerous times however. But that is simple, easy, and not costly.

When I go on long trail rides in the mountains, I always ride my XR, instead of my Kawasaki, because I KNOW I can trust my Honda not to break down. In fact my Honda XR has NEVER broken down ever, it's the most reliable bike I've ever owned, it's almost unreal how reliable an XR is. Honestly, you can ride your XRL until you are tired of owning it, it's not going to wear out.

L.L. XR650sm.jpg

Hi, This is my first post on TT.

My 2002 650L has 5300 miles on it. I think this bike is great but it has a few problems. The most anoying problem is when it does not start. When i fill up with gas then try and start it sometimes it just turns but does not start. It also does it when ever it feels like. I find if i push start it then it will turn over. I just had a service on it and they could not find anything wrong. Does this happen to anyone else?



This only happens when you fill the tank?

9200 miles on mine. Bought it new in '94. Had the break in maintenence done around 600 at the dealer. Did the rest myself. The only things that I've replaced are normal maintenece... batteries, tires,lots of tires, chain and sprockets,and uh the occasional plastics :awww: I have checked the valves twice since they were checked at 600 and they were fine. I might add I have not found anything that the bike could not do. Single track, fire roads, motocross, and lots of road touring. I have even done some water crossings( up to the bottom of the seat) and it just keeps running. I usually go from a 15 to 14 on the countershaft and vice versa to handle what ever. I recently put a deposit down on a CRF but I will keep the 650 because the bike is just to good to let go. Besides what will I ride when I am working on the other :thumbsup::devil:


Not only when i fill up. It seems to happen whenever it feels like it. When it sits for a few hours after hot. When it only sits for a few minutes when it is hot. When it is cold it happens sometimes. There is no real pattern. Everything is stock on my bike. Exept the air filter and snorkle taken off. Any ideas?

Sounds like your pilot jet is too lean, this can be a possible cause for hard starting hot or cold. The XRL should be re-jetted/uncorked, and all the air pump junk should be removed and blocked off. There is a kit available.

There could also be some dirt in the pilot jet, or the carb could simply be dirty. -

Thanks.... I will check it out. :thumbsup:

Smashin is right. My 650L starts much better with the smog removed and jet kit. One other thing to look at might be a close inspection of all the vacuum hoses attached the carb. This stuff will be eliminated if you remove the emmission junk anyway but I am assuming you haven't yet. When my bike was a few years old the portion of the vacuum hoses that stretch around the port connections on the carb had dry rotted and cracked. This was before I rejetted and removed the smog. The point is the bike was already lean from the factory and with the cracked hosed it was introducing even more air making it more lean. Also you said a new (aftermarket?) air filter and removed the snorkel were your only mods. This would further lean out the bike, making it harder to start. Just some other things to think about. I hope this helps. Good luck :thumbsup:

So far 460 on my 05, 2 weeks old now. I hope to have ten times that in a few years.

Well i found out why it would not start sometimes. It was the ignition coil going out. There was no spark.

not to change the thread...but how about 650R's? can you expect the same reliablity from them? im looking into duel sporting one.

not to change the thread...but how about 650R's? can you expect the same reliablity from them? im looking into duel sporting one.

Good question I've never heard much on it. Some one out there must have one with some major miles on it.

My 1995 has somewhere in excess of 60,000 miles on it.. I don't know for sure because the odometer cables has spent considerable time not there; the latest one is the longest lasting. I have broken many..

So it got a new head and 2nd gear at about 20,000 miles. It has been raced, flogged, run without oil more than once, crashed at over 100mph on more than one occasion.

Generally abused.. Goes through about a quart ever 500 miles.. Sometimes smokes. Runs like a watch.

It is still the favorite of the seven bikes that I currently have, plus the two that I sold.

Its only replacement is another 650L


93', just turned 18,000 miles. I love every second of riding the beast!

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