White Bros E-series melting rear brake master cylinder

On a '99 YZ400 with an E-series rear section, the pipe is so close to the rear brake master cylinder, it's melting it. It has some heat tape on it, but it's still getting too hot. Any ideas on a fix?

I have never seen that before - on my WR it was real close but never melted....did you bend the mounting bracket?

If you want a better part to replace it with, then get the 03 or later rear master cylinder... it doesn't have that huge plastic reservoir to stick up and get melted... It has been done before... I think it was Satch... but a search will reveal the results...

Good luck,


How does your side panel look? Is it melting too? What kind of riding are out doing? If your're running hard for long periods of time and melting stuff, you might be a little lean on the main, needle or both.

Ah, this is No big deal.... It happened to a bunch of us when we first got our 99's years ago. Just remove the master cylinder, take a pair of vise grips or an adjustable wrench and bend the mounting bracket out away from the pipe about 1/4 of an inch. when you put the guard back on you will also have to pull it away from the cyninder a little as well. No more problems.....

Bonzai :thumbsup:

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