The King wins at X Games

How about that Jeremy McGrath winning his first ever X Games in the step up compitition?

At least I thought it was a good battle between the rookie Buyten and him. Poor guy popped his shoulder out like 2-3 times doin it!

I was rooting for Buyten. I always like the underdog. :thumbsup:

I thought it was on the verge of being lame. They need a better format than what they used. It was good to see MC compete and win, but it was so long, drawn out and sorry to say, boring. :lol::devil::awww:

Sorry, I like MC too, but the format for the event sucked. (of course in my humble opinion.) :thumbsup:

call me silly... but I'm glad to see MC on an MX bike... I'm looking forward to seeing him on the track next season. I hope that he can run with the current "big guns" :thumbsup:

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