Need feedback urgently!!!!!!

Haven't been around for awhile, took some time off to heal up! (: I am going riding this weekend up near Mammoth CA. I typically only ride tracks and was wondering what i can do to tame my 450 sound and compliance wise. I read tons of info last night with the search feature about pro moto/Dr D Spark arrester bolt ons, but am leaning towards a slip on. Anyone have any feedback on the White Brother E2, I know it is trail compliant, but don't want to spend the money if it doesn't add anything over the stocker for my core riding - Track. Also, does anyone know abou the sound testing they do up in that area - I know the stocker is about 103DB!!!!

Anyone have any suggestions???? :thumbsup:

On the last test I read (Dirt Rider, CRF 250X quiet exhaust test), the FMF Q was the quietest (by 3dB!) and best performing for a "quiet" exhaust. The Big Gun was the second quietest and easily converts to a full race exhaust by removing the vortex quiet insert. If you want to be quiet all the time I vote for the FMF Q. If you want to convert back and forth then something like the Big Gun or the Dr. D with a removeable insert would be the way to go. The only trick is if you get the exhaust with the insert, make sure it gets quiet enough for your area!

I have a FMF Q on the 450 and tested at 95.5 :thumbsup:

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