What tire did you go with...

I see now why people said I'd want to change the tires on my new '03 YZ.

So for MX only, what tire is the best out there right now?

Depends on the terrain.

Assuming you have a nice loamy, watered and groomed track, you cant go wrong with the Dunlop 756. As conditions get looser, such as sand, the 773 becomes a good choice.

For Hardpack, I like the Michelin MH2 or Maxxis IT.

There is no "best" tire. Just tires that are right for your conditions

Dunlop 756

Dunlop 756

That seems to get the most votes. I see they have a 756RR too. Do I go with that or just the 756.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. :thumbsup:

I have a d773 for the rear and I like it. I've used it in alot of diff. dirt and it's held up better than expected. I think if I had been running a michelin s-12 that it woulda been toast by now. My buddy runs the Kenda Millville and he really likes it.

For the front I love my Pirelli MT-44.

Hope this helps.

Maxxis IT rear and 756 front. :thumbsup:

Definitly 756 front and rear. I would not waste your money on the RR. They wear our real fast.

Dunlop 756 ...hands down :devil::thumbsup:

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