Maxxis 120/100/18 IT

Just got a 120/100/18 Maxxcross IT for the back of my WR as I couldnt get my hands on a 110. Anyone else used this size in the IT?

Yes, Fly Heavy Duty Tubes. 10 pounds air. Nice squatty contact patch with my fat butt on board. Wear great and still work when worn out and one of cheapest tire in U.S.

I do. This is a hard tire to get because they are very popular. :thumbsup:

I put a Maxxis IT (110) on my 650 and love it. It is a great tire for the money.

Down here in oz they are as expensive as anything else, but after eveyone saying how good they were I thought I'd give one a go. I've been trying to get a 110 IT for ages, but no stock so am trying the 120. The last tyre I ran was a 110 Maxxis SI. Would be good in the softer stuff, but it didnt last too long for me :thumbsup:

Just found a supplier in th UK for Maxxis after a big search! You guys rate the IT. I presume this is the hard pack conditions "maxxcross IT" tyre, as opposed to the HT (medium) and ST (soft terrain) tyres.

These are not road legal Enduro tyres over here it appears. IS it the same as you guys use all over? I dont wanna get the wrong things!

PS anyone tried these using a "mousse" rather than a tube?? How they ride?

took the 426 for a blast after work yesterday with the new tyre, new 5.8 spring, ACV and TPS mods. That tyre is awesome, especially with the heavier spring. I did feel that it didnt turn as well as the 110, but traction was great :thumbsup:

I've got the M6001 IT on and it hooks up very well and have got alot of miles on it, not sure exactly how many it's been on since early spring. I just ordered that tire in a 110 (7304front/7305rear) from Discount Motorcycle tire and accessories,, gonna give them a try.

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