acceleration hesitation?

G'day. I am finding that when I crack open the throttle at low revs there is a hesitation before the engine responds. It does not happen any other time e.g. if I roll the throttle on. 99% of the time this not a problem but I would like to fix it. Could the brains trust point me in the direction to start my search/work? Thanks.

'99 Wr, Wr timing, air box lid removed, Staintune exhaust, 180 main jet, 48 pilot jet,(little fiddling with other carby parts)sea level, recently cleaned acc. pump.

I had the same problem from the pilot jet running to rich, it was flooding the mix when you cracked the throttle, try turning it in 1/4 turn at a time. Did you put the 48 PJ in it?

I see you cleaned the pump diaphram. The accel pump rod may start to bind if corroded or not clipped in place properly.

The pilot screw may need adjusting as Jason said, try both richer and leaner. About 3/4 - 1 1/2 turns from lightly seated.

Too low of an idle speed can be a similar problem.


I am assuming by your vernacular that you do not have a US version of the WR. IF, by chance you do, then check out the grey wire post here or on the WR250 side.


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