HP diffrents 250f vs 450f

does anyone know??

about 20hp

The difference in peak HP is not going to be as big as the difference in torque across the RPM range. Don't have any numbers for you though. :thumbsup:

HP is like 47 to 34. I dont know about torque.

does anyone know??

250 = not enough

450 = just right :thumbsup:


I have a 450 and rode a friends 250 at Lake Elsinore vet track. I was taking it easy on his bike, but it definitely required more advanced planning if you needed speed for a jump. It is not quite as heavy, but seriously behind on power/torque. It was a little easier to throw around though.

I fell in love with the 250f at Elsinore. I rode both a 450 and a 250 and actually rode alot faster on the 250 out there. I am surprised you had trouble with it.

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