Horn Hook Up for Dual Sporting...Battery or Hard Wire..HELP!

Someone tell me how I wire a up horn. I'd prefer to use the smallest battery I can to drive a 12volt 1.5 amp horn. I can't get anything to work. I'm not an electrician by any means. Can anyone direct me? Wiring diagram or something. I tried to even break into the headlight wiring, but apparently that's not enough juice to drive the horn?

what kind of bike, do you have a battery? what have you tried so far? what DS equip have you added?

I used a buzzer and button from Radio Shack, driven by a rechargeable NiCad battery pack from an RC car, zip-tied behind the headlight.

Totally self-contained/removeable. Battery charge lasts all season on 1 charge.

Or you can get a high-output stator (on my list to do).

Horns only work well with DC power. First go from the battery to the horn. Then from the horn to a switch. Then from the switch to battery ground. This should get people out of your way.

Big Danner....How much battery do I need to drive this horn. Does a 12 volt, square batter do the trick? DO I need a RC car battery?

BrianVT....Can you give me more detail on what you purchased and how you wired this up? This sounds like what I'm trying to do. I bought a dual sport horn and a Kill switch as a horn button, but I can't get it to work. I'll go buy RAdio Shack items if you can help understand.

Just got back in town.

I had a 9.6v battery and charger for an RC car. It looks like 8 AA batteries shrink-wrapped. I bought a push button and "buzzer" out of Radio Shack's drawers that have switches, etc. I cut and drilled a piece of plastic to hold the button and it is held by the throttle disc bolt. I connected a wire to each of the button's terminals, connected the horn in-line on one of the wires, and attached male bullet connectors to the 2 ends. The bullet connectors fit snuggly into the existing plug of the battery.

I hope that's clear enough. I might shoot a picture for you at work Monday.

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