I pick up my 05 xr650l tomorrow, After my first break-in can .....

Hi, I finally get my new bike after waiting since june when I signed the deal. I plan on changing the oil to synthetic mobile 1 15w-40. Just wanna make sure im not gonna ruin the clutch. Also if I leave the stock exaust on and I remove the snorkle and put on a uni or K&N air filter on what should my jets be? Im afraid if I go 158 main and 55 pilot it will be to rich. I plan on drilling the slide and spacing the needle. Thanks,


P.S Whats the deal with the long pilot jet as compared to the short or slow?

Just make sure you get the mobil 1 red-cap, it doesn't have the friction additives that will make the clutch slip.

55/158 will be fine with the mods you talk about assuming you're not at a high altitude.

Apparently, its easy to end up with the long (incorrect) pilot jet, instead of the short (correct) one.

I have the long one, it works fine, but there's a pink plastic slosh baffle in the bowl that can cover the end of the long one. I 'sharpened' the edge of the baffle that tended to block the jet, and after that it was a-ok.


DeSmogged, DeSnorkeled, K&N air filter, mobil 1 red-cap, drilled, shimmed, keeper of the secret airflow modification to the seat that no one's noticed yet.

Hey joleg...

Just a bit of info I got offa the net last month. Check out the dirt stats on the K&N... I read an independent study of a dirt mover organization that went to K&N's to save the costs of the OE filters... what he found is that the intakes of the earth movers was dusted with fine powder and the top-ends of the diesel engines was ruined in months (as opposed to years with the OE filters) and advises against any serious dusty conditions. On the other hand he says that the K&N is great for the street apps.

Just my $.02

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