Air filter/ Oil filter for 93' XR600R

Could someone tell me the best kind of air filter and oil filter I can get for my 1993 XR600R. And where can I find them? Also what type of oil are you running in your bikes. I am located in "HOT" Phoenix, Arizona. it was 112 degrees today. Thanks ahead of time. This is my first time posting.

Yikes!! Get out of that heat man!! Six months of heaven, six months of hell :devil:

For an air filter for desert conditions I think either a UNI or Twin Air. I use Honda oil filters and 20w-50 Honda HP4 without moly or Maxima Maxum4 (I use 10w-40 in the winter). Both are synthetic blends available at most bike shops/dealerships. Motor oil is a hot topic, with some guys prefering full synthetic and others using petroleum based oils with satisfactory results (do a search and you'll see what I mean). I change mine every 300-350 miles and change the filter every time. Carefully follow the instructions in the owners manual. Welcome to TT. :thumbsup:

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