Where's my pipe

Just got bad news from 'XR's Only'. The pipe that was supposed to be on it's way for my '86 XL600 is now 4 weeks backordered. Apparently they're the only one's left that still makes a pipe for this year model XL. Can anyone verify that. Anyone with personal experience saying otherwise would be greatly appreciated. I tried Supertrapp as my first choice with no luck. Thanks in advance, Goosedog

Hey BWB63, I see my dilemma is not unique. So they're all bastards but what about a pipe for this bike, do have a recommendation?

You Know a xr600/xr650l pipe will almost fit.I have some xl600 headers and they looked like the pipe diameter was larger so i put them on my XRL.They bolted to the head fine and my procircuit T4 slid on perfectly but the pipe was about an inch or so shorter.You could probaly fabricate new muffler mounts(?) Good Luck Mark ! :thumbsup:

Well, I called 'em all bastards too soon. Get this; A dude named Freddie just called from 'XR's Only' to say that he went straight to his supplier about the back order on my pipe. The supplier only had the upgraded polished stainless steel version on hand. So because I had to wait they're gonna send me that one at the cost of the original cheaper one. And it goes out UPS tommorrow. Now that's service my friends :thumbsup:

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