XR600R pulls to the left

I was out goofing around the other day and went no handed on my 600 and I noticed it was pulling a little to the left.

I have also noticed that went riding in whoops it tends to go left also. any ideas? I am thinking maybe the brake is dragging a bit???

thanks Mark

Dragging brakes shouldnt matter if the wheels are pointed straight. You would think the bike is balanced from the factory, so wear or damage probably is the culprit.

Check front and rear wheel alignment. Visual on the front forks{twist}. Check the chain adjuster marks. Loosen the chain and see if the swingarm moves side to side. Run a string around the rear of the back wheel so it contacts the front of the back wheel, then see how it touches the front wheel fore and aft. Wheel bearings?

It will take time to figure out, but shouldnt be too expensive, unless the frame is bent.

Or just keep your hands on the bars!!!!!!!!!

Robert :thumbsup:

I had the same problem, check the chain adjuster marks (snails), b/c mine show about an 1/8" difference. Measure btw. the center of the swing arm pivot to the center of the axle to get a true reading of whether your tracking right.

When I jump I lean left. I think its me, though.

thanks for the input guys great advice i will check it out and see if you found the prob. thanks agian Mark

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