Yamalube contamination

I've used Yamalube 4R exclusively in my bike from day 1. Changed the oil the other day and as standard practice, poured the oil from the quart into my measuring cup then began to pour into the crankcase filler. A big piece of crap goes right into the motor :devil: I took the bottom plug out and poured about 100 cc in and it washed out a black chunk, very thin 1/2 inch long piece of black stuff. Could be carbon type crap from refining process or maybe a piece of plastic from the bottle manufacturing. I'm going to get in touch with Yamaha parts and see if they want the chunker. Either way, keep a close eye on what goes into the measuring cup :thumbsup:


that reminds me of the guy next to me at the bar found a old mouse in his beer bottle after he drank about half of it! it was miller lite so it didn't surprise me!(it tastes like its made from fermented mice) the little sucker must have fell in the vat and got bottled :thumbsup: guess it pays to pay attention :devil:

I always use a funnel with a filter screen and pour right from the bottle. I hope you got that black pc out of your engine without it breaking up into smaller chunks. I have never seen anything in my funnel. I use Valvoline. :thumbsup:

I found a straw in a Coke bottle once. :thumbsup: That was back in the day when we recycled our glass Coke bottle for 5 cents.

Dang! You're OLD,.....wait a minute...I remember those days too.


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