is my friend big enough

hey my friend is 14 and is about 5"10 ft and 174lbs and he already owns a crf 230 and hes only had it for a year and he wants to jump to a xr 650 he wants to know if thats to much bike for him.

Depends where he's riding, and whether that 174 lbs. is fat or muscle. If he's in really good shape, and has good judgment, and is riding in more open country, possibly. For riding in the woods or the MX track, there are better bikes for his age and weight. I say this not because he couldn't possibly handle it, but because the 650R is one big, heavy bike that can be a handful on trails.

Hook up with someone that has one and have him try it out. That's about the most sure fire way to find out. My son started riding my XR650R at 14 and loves it for the wide open stuff, but prefers his XR250R for single track. He still steals one of our 650R's for a while every time we go out, so I guess he still likes it :thumbsup:

I know a guy about that size that rides one. Like was said earlier he needs to find one he can ride to see if he likes it. It is a big bike but most of the time you don't feel it.

I have a friend who is 5'6" and weighs about 150lbs. Boy can he ride the 650. :thumbsup:

I am 5 foot and 120 pounds and i ride a 600. I just have to be more cautios about my speeds.

I told my friend that and wants to know do you have to have alot of muscle to hold one up or if he falls down will he be able to pick it back up.

He shouldn't get one. If he's got these types of questions, he's not ready.

It does make you grunt to pick one up but it is not to bad. I think that he is not ready for this bike. he shold get a 250 or 400.

I personally wouldn't consider a jump up any greater than a XR400 from a CRF230. A XR250R would be a pretty good step up also. I would think a good used 400 could be aquired very reasonably, would give many years of awesome riding, both tight trails and open desert. If they feel like more power/speed is needed for desert/open terrain, then the step up to a 600/650 could be done later.

Just my $.02.

Either way, ride RED, ride often, ride safe! :thumbsup:

Mike in KC :devil:

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