i took my leaky one to a rad shop and they said it couldn't be repaired. a new one is around 300 can. and i don't really wanna pay that. any suggestions?

thanks shane

Give him a call and see what he can do. He is amazing and I have seen some trashed ones at his shop. Good as new now!

Tell him Brian from TT sent you.

If you are faced with replacing it, for only $100 more you could pick up a set of Fluidyne radiators. They work great for curing the YZ400f overheat problem. They are very well made and have a lot more cooling area and volume.

ok right on. i don't wanna send it to the US just because of the time ill have to wait. im gonna be getting rid of it soon for a 250f so i just wanna fix it as cheap as possible. ill probably end up calling that place anyway. thanks

shane, I think I have one for a wr400 sitting around that is good shape. I'll look tonight and let you know.

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