Newbie BRP owner checking in

I just recently picked up a 2000 XR650R for a really good price from a friend of a friend and wandered across this place and figured I'd say hello. It had been stored for awhile (ORV tags expired in 2001) but recently had the oil changed prior to me picking it up. I have been reading the forum to figure out what things I should be doing to it to keep it running forever and what things I can do to make it a bit faster. I've got it stored at my family property about three hours from where I live right now until I can pick it up this weekend. I think it may have been uncorked partially but not rejetted as it seemed to run warm when I was doing low speed putting around with it.

Here's a pic of it the day I picked it up:

Anyway, that's all i've got, i'm going to go back to reading the forums...

Welcome to TT. Get that thing uncorked. You will love it.

welcome aboard :devil:

I'm sure you'll love your BRP :thumbsup:

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