trade up from a wr 400

Ok, here is what I have been thinking. At one point I considered, a yzf, crf,sx, basically a mx style 4 stroke and gearing it lower. But I have seen first hand on 4 different occasions, all three of those bikes struggle where I do most of my riding, plus I think it is time for estart. I could get away with them most anywhere else but most of my riding is in a spot that demands a wr style bike. I thought about a smoker but the power delivery just isn't what I like.

My current bike is a 99 wr 400 f, and street legal here in california. I think I could get decent $$$ for it, for that reason alone. I love the bike but, is the grass greener on side. If I keep my bike, I really need to get the suspension tuned for my weight. That would be a major improvement and help me progress as a rider. The power is fine, could use more at times but I feel, jetting and a pipe and few other mods can give me an extra boost.

E start is becoming more and more attractive, for that reason I am considering going to a 450 or 525 exc. I would want it to be green sticker which i am sure all exc's are. The type of terrain I ride, mostly tight(not ohv park tight but back woods tight) single track at home, dez from time to time and faster 2,3,4th gear single track at the ohv parks( stonyford mainly). I like thesnap that the wr has and I hear that the ktms are more linear in the power delivery, i am sure I wouldn't mind. But for those who have ridden the exc what really bothers you about it? Is it stupid to spend the extra money on an exc that isn't much different? Are the exc's that much better?

How much do the 450's and the 525's weigh? Major bummers about them? I hear something about two oil filters? I am wondering if they are really that different? I am thinking 2001 or newer if I made the jump. Any things to look for or reasearch about those particular years?

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