HELP!! XR600r is broke down

I went for a short ride on saturday, and then when i went to start it on monday it would just fire then die instantly. i got it started once but it was blowing stuff out the back and boging down. when i put it into gear it just died when i eased off the klutch. I think i may have thrown my timing chain but i am un sure. A little help, PLEASE!?!

I would check your carb and airfilter before assuming it's internal. It may just be a clogged pilot jet.

Threw the cam chain or slipped it that you would know pretty easy. You say you rode it, took it home and all was fine up until you tried to start it two days later.

So the cam timing was correct the last time you rode it.

Have a couple of questions.

Is it blue smoke or black smoke that is blowing out the exhaust.

Have you changed anything since you last rode it.

What color is the plug?

Is the choke turned off? Did this once myself. Thought I had it off but actually I had it full on. Ran awful and smoked and had no power. Started to tear into it and then noticed that I had the choke full on. Duh!

When is the last time you checked the valve clearance? What are the clearances now?

Is the choke plate still connected to the plastic choke lever? The lever is plastic and not much holds it on throttle plate shaft

Is the screw that holds the throttle cables to the carb still installed?

Do you run a fuel filter and if so are you getting good fuel flow?

Does it want to try and start cold with no choke, when normally you need at least half choke to start it cold?

Have you checked the filter for proper installation and that is not debris covered. XR600Rs are know for the filter getting really dirty after the air box snorkel on tope is removed

These are all issues I have had with my XR over the years. The best had to be when the pilot jet came unscrewed and fell into the float bowl. Bike would hit but would not run. Smelled like it was flooded. Blowing back smoke when it would hit that was only a few time and only when I did the kick clear method prior to starting. When it finally started it was with full throttle and was missing and running awful.

Oh one thing also. I had the decompression lever stick and hold the exhaust valve slightly open. What was stuck was the not the lever but where the cable attaches at the head. Had like a stick or rock wedged in there with the mud.

I would really start looking at the fuel/air delivery system and ignition system. Short of a fouled plug or a corroded plug wire or cracked plug cap or a loose ground on the coil, the ignitiohn system on a XR600R is very reliable.

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