how fast?

hey how fast will a xr 650?

How brave are you?

A stock XR650R should do 98mph

I hit 105 mph, as indicated by GPS, hitting the rev limiter in 5th with 14/50 gearing. Edelbrock carb, uncorked & stock tip cut out with 2" holesaw. Stock backfire screen, & side panel not cut out. With a little higher gearing & HRC tip I'm guessing 107-108; Should be able to get 110-112 with airbox mods & higher-rpm rev limiter.

Don't let your friends' parents know the bike will go that fast!

hey how fast will a xr 650?

If you get the "R" and uncork it and add the exhaust mods etc..etc.. You can easily break 100 mph. I think Johhny Campbells goes 117 mph down in Baja. Can you imagine that??? 117 mph in desert baja terrain. If you have ever been to these races you'll see him go by and his balls are dragging behind him on the ground because they are sooo big. :thumbsup::devil::awww:

With stock tire, 14/48, and opened up, at the rev limiter by the math it should be 99.7. Most bikes just uncorked get 98. With all the mods on a stock engine (Full after market exhuast, UNi, holes in the side cover, Mikuni) and a taller tire I could get 102.2 on the gps on the street cycling the rev limiter hard. Rob Barnum was clocked at just over 120mph in the Baja 500 in the rough with small whoops. That is with a 680cc, 11:1 compression, hottest cam that will work in the Oinker (his hot grind), Edelbrock, lightened flywheel, way open Exhaust and 15/47 or mabay it was a 45. I have smothing kinda like that engine now but, have the Mikuni TM40 and the mid cam, and 3mm oversized intake valves. I am just at 147 miles on the engine (three oil changes) and still have 14/47 on it. Just a snap of the wrist and it goes from 70 to just over 100 right now...but, I won't hold it there at all till brake in is done. :thumbsup:

i run 15/47 gearing with a built motor, edelbrock carb, air box cut outs, free flowing pipe, etc...

not sure how fast it goes-but what a rush...i imagine its a bit like a Titan missile when the second stage booster kicks in.

Somewhere between 110-120...everything is a blur at that speed and you only do it when you are on a road you have been down many times before!

Its a weird sensation to go that fast off road...but that is the great thing about the BRP. It is totally stable when ya hang it out at speed.

I have mine geared 13/50 and it will do around 80. Qadsan posted some speeds with different gearing. Try a search for it.

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