Michigan Sand Dunes

Has anyone ever riden the sand dunes in Michigan. A few friends and I are thinking about heading there for the fourth of July. Is this time of year to crazy? I've heard parking is dificult if at all possible and you have to have passes to get on the dunes. Is this true? If so can someone explain the procedure to get these passes? Also, is it worth driving 12 hours to ride?



I live within 10 minutes of Silver Lake, and I never go near the place on a holiday weekend. Many people do, however. I have a nephew that wouldn't miss one for the world. You will have to expect a long wait to get in, however. They now issue vouchers on weekends and holidays to try to cut down on the long waiting lines, but they are still plenty long. The voucher gives you a time slot you are allowed to go into the park during. Here is a site you can find out more: www.dnr.state.mi.us. Once there choose Parks and Recreation, then Stae Park Listing, then Silver Lake State Park, then at the bottom of that page choose ORV Information.

Hope this helps.


I just sent you an email about going there.

Are there other people that would be interested in going?

Carl Youngstrom,

Thanks for the info. That web page answered most of my questions. It seems like a very hectic situation though.



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I can't help to answer your questions. But please keep me in the loop, I've always wanted to try some dunes...

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