HotCam 450 cam or 426 cam?(both auto) for a 426

Hotcam has a 450 auto cam and a 426 auto cam. WHich one should I use since they would fit.

If you are not going to change out the intake cam, go with the 450 exhaust cam. If you think that later on you might want to get the full benefit of the cam grind by adding the performance intake cam then get the Hot cams 426 exhaust cam.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

I would say if you have the 426 and you insist on going with a Hotcam product, use the cam for your bike (if they are both auto decomp cams). We all run cams from the 450 because we ran the cams way before Hotcams became an option. There are differences in performance not good or bad just different. Not as much hit with the 450 cam.

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