need HELP- installing killswitch on wr450f

i have an 03 wr450f in a quad chassis. has anyone eveer installed a killswitch (besides the stock ignition switch). i need to know what wires to hook up the killswitch i have for it. i tried hooking one to ground, and one to the red wire going to the relay by the battery, and also the brown one going to that relay, and it kills it but it also blows a fuse every time it kills it.

can anyone help???

Do you have the wr wiring with it.

In the manual it is the black/white wire.

When you say ground are you using a wire from the battery or the frame, my understanding is that the ignition side is all DC and needs to go back to the battery. The frame is a neutral for the AC side.

If im wrong please correct me but cant hurt to try.

If you want a copy of the wiring let me know.

Are you talking about the kill switch or the main power switch? The kill switch is connected to the black/white wire from the cdi box and the other side is connected to ground. The main power switch is connected on one side to the battery and on the other side to the brown wire which is connected to the starter relay, starter relay diode, starter cut-off relay and the cdi. At the very least you must connect it to the brown wire on the cdi in order to be able to even kick start it. All the other connections are for the electric start. I have a schematic but no way to post it. If you PM me with an email address I'll send it to you.

well i got the motor from someone else and it didnt have a killswitch with it. all it had was the main power switch. so if i just run my 2 wires of my killswitch into the black and white coming from the cdi will that work with the kickstart also?

or how would i hook it up using the brown wire?

thanks, sorry i'm really bad with electrical stuff

and luke- yes it is the wr wiring and i tried grounded both to the frame and to the battery.

thanks alot for the replies! i'll go out and mess with it again

Just hook up the black/white wire to one side of the kill switch and a wire to ground from the other side. For the main power switch connect one side to the red lead from the battery and the other side of the switch to the brown wire that comes from the cdi box. The main power switch must be on for the engine to run (even if kickstarting).

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