CR routed brake line

I've been thinking I should replace my stock line with a stainless, and might as well go CR style. My question is, can I just buy any honda CR brake line or do I need to buy a yamaha specific brake line manufactured to CR style length?

Buy the Litespeed kit for 100 bucks. It comes with the new wrap around 05 protectors as well. You'll need those for the line so that it doesnt rub your lower tube.

the TT store has them priced at ~$140. Do you know where to get a set cheaper?

Could I go with a regular honda line though and jerry rig it so that it wouldn't rub the fork tube?

I got a Galfer SS line from my dealer for about $50, took a grinder to my fork guard to mold a hole to fit the stock lower clip on and relocated the lower clip to the plastic guard. The way it is jammed in the hole its not going anywhere. The plastic guard itself would break before it would move. Works good, cheap. If I had the extra bucks I'd go with the other kit though, hassle free. :thumbsup:

Oh sorry, to answer your question, I do not believe a Honda line has the same end fittings as the YZ. I think the top one is straight out of the master. (Dam Honda's) :thumbsup:

thanks, that's sort of what I was wondering about. I think I'll wait until I've got the extra $150 to spend. :thumbsup:

thanks :thumbsup:

DrD ( sells them .... I've got one. Comes with line and mounting kit.

Pass that lower price info the the TT store....don't they have a low price guarantee??? Would be better to support TT if they could match the price.

I'm running a stock CRF 450 front brake hose on my YZ450 right now. It fits fine.

The difference might be that the TT store is selling the carbon fiber ones and the ones I put out are white. I dont see TT being 40 bucks more for the same thing.

yeah, I think the difference is in the carbon fiber; which is pretty slick but I'll probably end up going the cheapest route possible. I don't want to sink too much money into this old beast.

Sorry, I stand corrected, the earlier versions had a different end. :thumbsup: Learn something every day. :devil:

Question to all of the above, did it make a difference when you got one...? or is a regular steel braided cable just as good so no conversion is needed... I agree the concept of the cr routing is much better, just how much...?

I ended up having to replace my stock line. I first used a fastline replica of the stock YZ line. I believe it was just as good as the model I bought later that was CR routed.

I think the biggest difference in the conversion is the new line forces you to use new, fresh brake fluid. I believe the brake also gets bled better than it does when the bike leaves the factory.

There could be a slight difference, but not enough to pay for.

There could be a slight difference, but not enough to pay for.

??? Pay for what? The CR routed cable does not cost any more. $55 to $70 depending on which brand and where you buy. My stock brake sucked from the factory. I bought a cable for $55 but ended up reusing the one I had on last years bike.


I found it to be a noticable improvement. Not that the stock brakes are that bad, but I definately didn't need as much finger preasure on the brake lever. No really,,,, I say it made for a much better brake. To me it was well worth $50 and my time. :thumbsup:

I think the main difference experienced in the brake feel is due to the stainless braided steel of the aftermarket lines and not the length so much. The stainless steel leaves less room for expansion so more fluid is forced into the brake.

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