Timing plug question

As I was finishing my last ride I noticed oil on my left boot like several other people have on this board. The timing plug on my 04 YZ450 had backed itself almost all the way out and oil was seeping out. The real question I have is that when I removed the plug to inspect it there was no O-ring on it??? Others have posted here that there is an O-ring on this plug. Can anyone verify yes or no? My owners manual is who knows where. Thanks for any help.

I can't remember if it has an o-ring or not. Mine fell out in a race and messed up the head and intake cam. A long with the head work and a set of hot cams, I order a SFB ignition cover http://www.sfbracingusa.com/ I no longer have any access holes in the ingition cover but I also no longer have the chance of a plug falling out and causing a $1000 in repairs. I kept the original if I need to use it again for timing marks.

Thanks for the link, I think I will order that cover. I didn't lose much oil but that is just because I happened to notice the oil leaking before the plug was totally gone.

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