Stolen XR's in Portland, OR.

The following is from the NMA website....

Stolen motorcycles while in Portland

8/9/2004 - Stolen motorcycles while in Portland, from the Portland Airport Red Lion on 8/2/2004. They took the truck and 3 bikes! This loss has been devastating for my family.

$500 reward

2000 Honda XR 650R

This is a unique bike built for a big man.

Custom welded top bar clamp for Scott Steering Damper. Custom Weld on frame to mount the post for the damper. White Clark 4 gallon tank. FMF, Scott, IMS, RaceTech, Moose, ProTaper, Devol, Acerbis, Pro Moto Billet. This was my dream bike!

VIN JH2RE0105YK100108

1986 Honda XR 600R

Red Tank/Plastic W/Blue Seat

VIN JH2PE0405GK101941

1983 Honda XR 500R

Red Tank/Plastic W/Blue Seat

VIN JH2PE0300DM002235

1993 Chevy ton Ext. Cab 4x4 Std. Trans. Red/Grey.

ID License 1/AGF233

Contact Portland Police at 503-823-4800, or Brent at 208-888-6709 (Idaho).

Lets see if we can get this guy his bikes back.....


blah, I hate thieves!

Eyes are open in Sothern California.

I saw an '83 XR500 at a shop yesterday-it was getting some work done to it.

Blue seat, twin carbs, great front fender with flairs...hmmm....odd.

Wish they still shot (iron)horse theives out west...

I'll keep my eye's open and let my freinds know to do the same!!!!!!!

HATE THEIVES with a passion :thumbsup:

You know, I wouldn't mind someone trying to steal my bike as long as I was there to catch them. It would be worth it !

I'll keep my eyes open in Portland. By the way, if you see a guy on an XR650 with a 4-gal. white tank, don't shoot him, I have one too! I don't have the nice steering damper though... Summers fork brace instead.

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