Cant find a YZ426F for sale.

Sorry spin,

The only thing you said that i agree with is the fact that the 426's are heavier. Yes they are about 10 pounds heavier. However, everything else you said i would have to disagree with. The 426 is not slow, i think my 426 has more hit than my 450 does! If riding right they are just as fast as the newer bikes. Add a decomp exhaust and no starting drill!

Satch would probably agree with me! :cry:

Of course I a matter of fact...I am planning on getting an 06 when they come out and I can't bear to part with this bike. It is too sweet.

My 450, I mean 426, I mean Four Twenty Fifty Six...whatever

Hey Satch, how about taking that bike off the stand and actually riding it. :cry::cry:

Don't buy a 426 they are 12 pounds heavier then a 450, and are harder to start unless you know the drill. The 426 is the reason ty davis sucked for a year or two. I used to have a 2001, very reliable, I put 100 hours on it, but it was heavy and slow.

You need to let go of the BONG and get into the GYM! The 426 is anything but slow.... Anyone who thinks this has a problem with NOT having Big enough Nads to rotate the throttle to the fully opened position...

Geeze :cry:

Bonzai :cry:

You need to let go of the BONG and get into the GYM!

Bonzai :cry:


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