Bastard Red Pig

So I get the Scott's damper on and head up to the hills for some mashin...usually a 2-4 guy ride and 9 guys show up!!

First half of ride stabilizer is workin as planned everybody is cruisin at their own pace....good times so far.

Get to the big hill climb and everyboyd tries all the of my buddies ends of bending his shark fin out and denting his disc in...musta wedged a rock in there or we get that fixed and take a different route...everything is ok...till I hit a G out and my peg breaks off(sheared both bolts)...I knew it was gonna happen since 150 lb riders I know have broken them but I was the "its not gonna happen to me" guy.

Luckily we had a wise guy with us and he said..use the pasenger peg...dam fine idea till I got a cramp from riding ninja style!!

So the stabilizer worked as though but the dam peg needs to be fixed...

this is what thunderchicken has on his rig...thru bolted and a welded mount on top of the frame that wraps around the back side and puts the bolts in double shear...


yeah thats the ticket. i got mine from a bike shop in ensenada $ can buy them off the shelf at Precision Concepts for $145....bulletproof...

do you have to pull the motor to install that peg mount? Does it wrap all the way over to the back side and the bolt goes through that welded on piece as well or does it just sit on top of the frame?

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